Testimonials & Reviews

Below are some testimonials and reviews we have received from our valued clients:

5 Star ReviewKnowledgeable, Sincere and Professional
I believe I am very fortunate in my selection of Girum Tesfaye for consultancy related to immigration laws. He is very knowledgeable in his field. He answered all my questions and presented to me all the possible scenarios with honesty, sincerity and professionalism that I had never encountered before, something that I will highly cherish. As a result, I highly recommend him, categorically and unequivocally, for any immigration related case. You will be confident and secure having him on your side. Thank you Girum.
– Jamal

5 Star Review
I had a contract dispute and hired this firm after briefly consulting with Mr. Tesfaye. He managed to get the lawsuit against me thrown without me having to waste money on a lengthy dispute. I most appreciated his honesty and straightforward approach to my case. On several occasions he talked me off the ledge by convinced me that my approach was wrong, even at the risk that I would take my case elsewhere – as I had regrettably suggested more than once. If it were not for his intelligent and calm approach to resisting me when necessary, I know I would have wasted my money on someone else without the great outcome in my case. I literally saved tens of thousands and potentially bankruptcy by listening to Mr. Tesfaye’s advice and trusting his approach. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone with a legal issue.
– Client

5 Star ReviewHighly recommended
I highly recommend attorney tesfaye. He went above and beyond with helping my family. Very quick to respond to any questions that you may have.
– Client

5 Star ReviewAppreciation
Mr Girum Tesfaye was handling my cases against a person who chose to take me to the court with a wrong accusations , but his nimbleness and his experience and his patience and over eight months, and more then 3 cases different was able to denies her allegations and bring me a 2 years protection against that person.
– Client

5 Star ReviewAttorney review
Girum was very helpful in solving my problem. I came to Girum to finalize my divorce case. Girum finalized the property settlement and went ahead and filed the divorce case and the divorce was granted in timely manner. Girum was like a teacher guiding me through each steps.
– Client

5 Star ReviewOutstanding!
After being severally disappointed with another attorney, a friend recommended that I contact Mr. Tesfaye. WHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!! Mr. Tesfaye explained everything so I could understand it completely, and made me feel very comfortable and confidant about my case. I would strongly recommend Mr. Tesfaye to anyone who has had disappointment with attorneys in the past, or anyone needing legal assistance.
– Sandra

5 Star ReviewAwesome job!
I just wanted to say thank you Mr. Tesfaye for all of your hard work for the past 6 weeks. We have been very happy with your services. You are doing an awesome job with our asylum case.
– Lydia

5 Star Review
Words can not express how happy I am to have found and hired Mr. Tesfaye to represent me in a litigation law suit that I have been dealing with for quite some time. After firing my last attorney I knew that I really needed to do some research on finding a good attorney that was going to help me, not drain my pockets and leave me in a lurch. From the start Mr. Tesfaye was very open and did not mind spending the time required to really explain the legal circumstances of which I had no way of understanding on my own. He was very meticulous in his data gathering efforts and really sat down and provided me an overview on what was currently happening, what would likely happen through out the case and what the possible outcomes could be (good and bad!). He prepared me very well and this resulted in alleviating a good amount of anxiety. The judge ruled in my favor and I really do appreciate Mr. Tesfaye’s energy and fantastic delivery in the courtroom! In the months that have passed, I have referred several business partners and friends to Mr. Tesfaye and those that have hired him are also VERY happy with the results of his representation. I would, with out a doubt recommend Tesfaye Amare PLLC for all your legal needs!
– Client

5 Star Review
I did make the right choice, i will recommend him to my family , relatives and closest one to me, on top of his job he always do his best to make his clients pleased and comfortable .
Thanks Mr Girum and god bless your heart .
– A E

5 Star Review
I was referred to this firm from a business associate who had previously hired Girum Tesfaye for a business litigation dispute. After 22 years in the States, I was in the process of being deported when Girum offered to take a second look at my case. Within days, Girum had several arguments developed on my behalf.

About four months after my first consultation with Girum, the Immigration court agreed with Girum’s assessment of why I should not be deported and the removal proceedings against me were suspended. What impressed me most the professionalism he exhibited throughout my case. Unlike like my previous lawyer, I never had to wonder what was happening or why. Girum Took his time to answer my questions and always responded timely to my emails and calls. My family and I are grateful to Girum and this firm’s representation.
– J D

5 Star ReviewGreat all around service
As a minor facing a DUI charge I thought for sure I was getting convicted. Mr.Tesfaye gave me an honest opinion on the case and possible outcomes. I felt confident knowing he was working for me and doing the best he could. He was honest, and always on time. Because of the strategy he used I was able to get my DUI dropped to a reckless driving, no jail time, 6 month restricted license, no ignition interlock, reduced fine by half, and no probation. I honestly cant say how grateful and happy I was having Mr.Tesfaye as a lawyer. As a minor I feel grateful and fortunate to not have a DUI on my record all thanks to Mr.Tesfaye.
– Joe D

5 Star ReviewHighly Knowledgeable, Professional Attorney
He studied my case in depth and explained each point to me in detail. In my first meeting with him I found him that he has thorough knowledge in the subject matter which very much appealed to me and I decided to hire him. On the hearing, because of his thorough knowledge he narrated everything in detail before the judge, who awarded decision in my favor.
– Nitin J

5 Star ReviewLawyer Girum
He’s the best ! I would recommend him to my loved ones any given day or situation !
– Diamond L

5 Star Review
What an amazing experience I had with Tesfaye Amare PLLC! I am so glad for being able to give my felony case to Attorney Girum Tesfaye, who is a very professional, confidential and polite person. My Husband and I were so much pleased with the service we got from him. If it weren’t, for his excellent service and attention to details, the case would have gone in a way we never want to even think about. What impressed me the most is that he was so responsive. I live out-of-state, so we had to communicate via telephone or e-mail and still it has been as if we were conversing in person. He was always available to answer my question and to give me a timely update on the case. He was always polite and understands the situation I am in and never complained on my repetitive phone calls whenever a question crosses my mind. Finally, the extradition warrant was dismissed with two court appearances ONLY. AMAZING!!! Thank God! I recommend him for everyone who has any legal issue to deal with.
– M.D.

5 Star ReviewGreat Law Firm
Well getting a charge / ticket can be very stressing. It can having you worried day and night about the consequences it can bring to your life but these lawyers will calm you down, tell you your options and fight your case. My lawyer I had would answer my call at any time of the day. Overall, I was very pleased by their service.
– Josue M

5 Star ReviewDui first offense
I have a first offense dui case against the county of Prince William.I have looked around for lawyers before coming to Mr. Tesfaye and I from our first conversation to our consultation to the way the case is being handled by Mr. Tesfaye!was informative and very courteous in the way he handled everything. I was impressed and I would not have gone anywhere else . He was caring about the case in his own way also being professional. I could have gone somewhere else but based on my personal experience and what I have seen so far, I have full confidence in the professionalism and knowledge that Mr. Tesfaye and his associates have and the way things are being handled. I know I’ve come to the right place. Over all I’m very satisfied with the results so far and I have confidence in Mr. Tesfaye bthat he will do his best and I truly believe he will do what is best in my
– Rahiyan C

5 Star ReviewGreat quality service, personable and professional
My experience with Mr. Tesfaye exceeded my expectations. He was professional, personable, and overall responsible. I had no issues with any paperwork or files, and emails or phone calls were always responded to in a timely manner. The consultation was honest, and welcoming to be completely open about all details on the client’s legal matter. All phone calls were honest also, and I was really appreciative of that so that I would not go blindsided into court. Mr. Tesfaye was also more than willing to help me with any questions or concerns I had in regards to my case or the impacts it might have had in my law school application process. Overall, I am very pleased with all the work, time, and effort Mr. Tesfaye dedicated to my case and would not hesitate to recommend him.
– Patricia G

5 Star ReviewProfessional, Corteous & Honest
Mr. Tesfaye did a wonderful job in guiding me through the process of my case. Based on every event Mr. Tesfaye took his time to see me well informed of my current situation as well as explaining all possible courses of action that could be performed. Also his knowledge with legal proceedings and the people who work the system allows him to determine his actions which resulted on a most favorable outcome in my case. Without a doubt I would recommend him to anyone looking for Legal advisory. If the need arise I would employ him again.
– Gamal G

5 Star ReviewHelp with mortgage
Girum saved us thousands! We were facing some real mortgage crisis. I contacted Girum and told him the details of our problem with our mortgage lender. He immediately took actions and took over our case. I could not have been happier with any other lawyer (in fact, we have gone through three other lawyers before contacting Girum). He followed up with our lander on a timely manner and kept us in the loop. Girum is a compassionate and honest lawyer. Truly cares about his clients….. Needles to say that within in a very short period of time, our problem was solved. I highly recommend Girum!
– Emnet T

5 Star ReviewAn Attorney who really cares about his clients
Mr. Tesfaye talked to me about my son’s DUI and Immigration case for the entire consultation period without even asking for money. After the consult, he made sure we understood our options then then told he his fees. By then I had already decided that he would be the perfect lawyer for us. My son’s DUI charge was dropped down to a reckless driving and it turns out the the Immigration was trying to deport him for the wrong reason! This was the second firm we came to for help and I am so grateful to have found a lawyer who really made us feel like he cared more about the client the payment. They really know what they are doing here!
– S J

5 Star ReviewBeyond Amazing
Girum Tesaye, best attn I could have asked for, he created a valid interest in wanting to help us win the case! He gave us options many other people wouldn’t! Options for another way out!
– Client

5 Star ReviewBusiness Contract handled in an exceptional manner
Excellent attorney and excellent service ! I needed a business contract done in a short period of time and Girum was able to deliver with exceptional and fast results. In addition , Girum was delightful and personable. I would highly recommend Girum to handle your legal matters.
– Client

5 Star ReviewKind and Professional!
I did make the right choice going with him. From the first meeting Girum had me feel welcomed and assured that I was going to be taking care of throughout the whole process. He always took time to explain to me every situation and every question I had. I never once felt worries about my case. He is rarely kind and simultaneously professional.

Thank you and Bless your hearts.
– Phidese

5 Star ReviewAwesome Lawyer!!!
Indeed, Atty. Girum Tesfaye had exceeded my expectations of an immigration lawyer. He had explained very well how the I-130 and I-485 will be processed and he had emailed us constantly about our case. He seemed to be very accommodating and very learned on his field of expertise. I would definitely recommend him to all my other friends who may be needing immigration help. Way to go Atty. Tesfaye !!! GOD BLESS !!!
– Client

5 Star ReviewHelp with mortgage lender
We retained Girum Tesfaye at the beginning of 2015. At the time we were having a hard time settling our debt with a mortgage holder. His knowledge of the mortgage industry made a big difference in the outcome of our case. He is the most sincere & down-to-earth lawyer I have ever met. I would highly recommend him!!
– Client

5 Star ReviewGreat Lawyer
Girum Tesfaye is great lawyer, he is very honor to his client and very specific and detail to every single case that I worked with him. Wonderful lawyer I would recommend to all my friends.
– Client