Civil Litigation

civil-litigation-attorney-dc-virginia-tesfaye-amareWhen you’re in a dispute about property damage, breach of contract, landlord-tenant problems, or other issues, the process of resolving it is called litigation. While many people might think of litigation as presenting a case to a jury, it involves far more than that. Our firm is here to guide you through each step of the process to achieve an efficient resolution of your claim.


Nearly all disputes are resolved through negotiations. Even if you end up giving more than you wanted to, it can often be worth it to avoid the time and expense of pursuing your claim further. Negotiations can begin between the parties, but an attorney is often useful to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your position, clearly articulate it to the other side, and act as an intermediary to keep emotions from interfering with the negotiation process.


If initial negotiations don’t make progress, one or both parties may file their claim with a court. Once this is done, additional information about the claim may be exchanged between the parties in a process known as discovery. Discovery gives open access to additional evidence and often leads to additional negotiations as each party’s chances of success becomes more clear. Following discovery, one or both parties may also make motions to dismiss or for summary judgment— these motions essentially say that the evidence is so clear that the court should make an immediate decision.


In a small percentage of cases, the stakes are high enough and the issues are sufficiently disputed that the parties may find it beneficial to go to trial. Trials require extensive preparation and strict adherence to legal procedures, and it can be difficult to prevail without the assistance of an attorney.

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