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Contemplating your own passing or the future passing of a loved one is always a very sobering process. Yet refusing to plan for the future is a risky business. Especially amidst the disastrous consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, we know that life is not guaranteed, and death can come to anyone at any time.

This realization does not need to be crippling. Instead, it can serve as a wakeup call to the importance of being prepared for any circumstance, which means understanding the necessity of getting in touch with our will lawyers in Alexandria. Writing a will is essential in protecting your wishes for how your loved ones will inherit your assets. Our team at Tesfaye Law can help you create a legally binding document that ensures the security of those dearest to you.

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Types of Wills

Many people are unaware that there are different types of wills, each with their own particular benefits and timelines. Knowing the difference between these primary wills can help you determine which path is best for you.

The two primary types of wills include:

  • A traditional will – This is a legal document where the testator details the distribution of their assets and property, as well as appointing an executor to manage the distribution of the estate. A will can divvy up your possessions and accrued income to one person or amongst several parties. Wills do not go into effect until your passing, and the terms can be changed at any time during your life if you have proven you are mentally competent.
  • A testamentary trust - In addition to a traditional will, you can also create a testamentary trust, which will go into effect upon your death. A testamentary trust can be helpful in many ways, including holding assets for minors instead of having the court appoint a guardian. This type of trust is also helpful because it reduces the taxes that beneficiaries need to pay based on the income that has been earned by the inheritance. A will and a testamentary trust, however, must go through the probate process in court.

Witnessing & Notarizing Your Will

When signing a will in the state of Virginia, it is important to note that at least two reliable people must serve as witnesses during the signing process. They must also sign directly in front of the testator, with the exception of the testator writing the entire will in his or her own handwriting, and then signing it and dating with his or her own handwriting.

In Virginia, the state law does not demand notarization for wills. However, our attorneys strongly recommend this practice in order to ensure that no miscommunications occur later in the process. In fact, if the will has a “Self-Proving Affidavit” notarized on it, courts will consider the will to be officially executed and legally binding, even without other witnesses’ testimony.

Ensuring Your Loved Ones’ Future

It is important to remember that wills and trusts are always created with the benefits of your loved ones in mind. If you write your will now, you can effectively safeguard your family’s future financial security, and our will lawyers in Alexandria can stand by your side every step of the way.

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